"Born in the Barn"
Like the landscape in much of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, the Ewen-Trout Creek school district is a quintessential rural setting, dotted with the weathered structures of once-bustling family farms. One of these buildings is anything but typical; it’s where a decades-long dynasty of championship-caliber high school basketball teams began. This multi-part docu-series explores how this western U.P. high school with fewer than two dozen students per grade has built a basketball tradition that has captured the eyes of sportswriters and the dreams of young ballplayers for generations — and it all began in a unique gymnasium known as “The Barn.”
Part 1: The Barn
Part 1 begins in “The Barn” – the original home of Ewen-Trout Creek basketball legends – now owned by 1972 All-Star center Gary Fors - where the hardwood still shines, and kids still learn the game.
"The Story of the Nonesuch Mine"
Short Documentary Film
A 20 minute film explaining the history of the Nonesuch Mine in the Porcupine Mountains Wilderness State Park, in Michigan's Upper Peninsula. Learn the history of this fascinating copper mine and community as you explore the ruins.
"Stewards of all Creation"
Short Documentary Film
Contracted by the Bad River Band of Lake Superior Chippewa to create a video highlighting their mission to preserve the land and water and protect it from the harmful impacts of mining.
The decisions we make today should result in the sustainable world seven generations into the future. United in stewardship, we join our neighbors in protecting the land, water, and original orders of creation. This project was funded in part by: Midwest Environmental Justice Network - Windward Fund
"Up a River"
Feature Length Documentary Film
My first documentary film. A labor of love to try and save the hunting camps located in the Ottawa National Forest in Michigan's Upper Peninsula. Watch the film free!
"Co-operatively Yours"
Award Winning Documentary Film
Produced in collaboration with the Finnish-American Heritage Center. 
Awarded Best Documentary Feature Film at 2018 Eclipse Awards in Grand Rapids, MI
Broadcast Nationally in Finland on YLE in 2018 & 2019 and on the PBS station in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.
Stream the film here or order a DVD copy at www.finlandia.edu/fahc/merchandise
"Sirkka, Past and Present"
Feature Length Documentary Film
My second feature documentary produced in collaboration with the Finnish-American Heritage Center at Finlandia University.

Stream the film below or order a DVD copy here: www.finlandia.edu/fahc/merchandise

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